Pierre Marcolini – Grand Cru de Propriété Mexique: Porcelana

When considering Maroclini’s uniform style of dark roasting, a Porcelana may sound like a disastrous endeavor since the bean presents a clear danger of flavor removal, not only from its inherent delicacy but also from its somewhat simple and limited range of flavors. But a Porcelana sourced from Mexico is somewhat anomalous since those encountered ..

Pierre Marcolini – Pure Origine Équateur

A chocolate with a bitter tea edge, but none-the-less easy to eat with a flavour combination that is subtle rather than outstanding. While this may not be top of the pile, it’s a reliable eating chocolate if you don’t mind the slightly sandy texture and the fine bitterness

Pierre Marcolini – Fleur de Cacao

The pinnacle of Marcolini’s chocolate, this flawless blend excels and will appeal to all. At 85% will be especially good for those seeking a palatable, low sugar chocolate and will be worth the price

Pierre Marcolini – Cabosse

Pleasant blend dominated by citrus tones. May be too acid for some tastes, but then others will appreciate its fine garland of light fruit notes

Pierre Marcolini – Pure Origine Venezuela

Good Venezuelan with a very fine aroma. Flavour is more dominated by dark heavy notes and the texture is sandy. Will appeal most to lovers of stronger chocolate

Pierre Marcolini – Pure Origine Madagascar

An interesting Madagascan, with more ‘kick’ than other bars from Madagascan beans. Has depth without bitterness and a strength more in form of a ‘tang’ than the usual tobacco and liquorice. Another winner from Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini – Pure Origine Java

An interesting and rare example of a dark chocolate made of beans from Java, which are usually reserved only for fine milk chocolate or for dark blends. Although there are a lot of subtle flavour complexities, these combine well making a chocolate that is strong yet subtle, dark but not at all bitter