Pralus – Ghana Biologique

Rather like his conventional one, Pralus falls flat with an organic version of the Ghana. Here is a chocolate that never really gets going, fails to excite, and introduces nothing new. It’s nice, presumably, to have an organic African varietal representative, but Pralus should have thought more seriously about match of bean to style. Most ..

Pralus – Equateur Biologique

Pralus takes an organic bean and unfortunately achieves no better than his conventional one with an origin that should work fine with a dark roast. This one just never gets off the ground, remaining dull and uninspiring – a reminder of the bad old days of organic past. Luckily this is part of a set ..

Pralus – Republique Dominicaine

The Dominican Republic is the most well-known, and, arguably, the best of the organic origins overall. Pralus here introduces a chocolate that does the origin no disservice, even though there is some room for improvement. It’s nice, however, to have some style variety, with a good dark-roast Dominican in complete contrast to, say, the Cluizel ..

Pralus – Tanzanie Biologique

Excellent, rich Tanzanian that easily outshines its conventional stablemate in the Pralus line. There’s an argument to be made here for simply replacing the ordinary bar with this one, for with its dense raisin flavour so reminiscent of Amedei it seems Pralus has achieved complete mastery over the Forastero. Finally here’s a company getting serious ..

Pralus – Madagascar Biologique

Superb organic chocolate – at least once one can get past the idiosyncratic interpretation. Pralus’ rendition of Madagascar delivers completely different tastes from the usual, unsurprising given the dark roast. This is one of the first organics, however, not to suffer from badly earthy finish. It does need slight work, but on the whole, this ..

Pralus – Brut de São Tomé

A smart partnership with Claudio Corallo results in a massive 160g bar with a heavy rustic feel, but one that has been tastefully executed. An abundance of nibs adds an unrefined counter to the finished chocolate, as well as an extremely crumbly texture that provides unmatched appeal by other nib bars

Pralus – Le 100%

Pralus comes out with a masterpiece, perhaps his most accomplished chocolate of all, in an uncompromising percentage. Astonishing in its lack of bitterness it is also remarkable in being relatively gentle on the roasting relative to the Pralus norm. With this chocolate he competes squarely against the heavy hitters from Domori and Cluizel. It’s nice ..

Pralus – Tanzanie

Tanzanie presents a few problems to Pralus that were unfortunately treated in a manner that subdued and repressed the flavor of the beans. Here we have a chocolate that suffers from not only bitter beans but also from excessive cocoa butter. However, the underlying flavor is promising and surprisingly fruity for a Forastero. Perhaps later ..

Pralus – Mélissa

A presumably well-intended venture into milk territory yields results that are far removed from the characteristics commonly associated with the Pralus name. Melissa is mild and delicate, not strong and stout — definitely a departure from the Pralus style and a chocolate that will leave a few tongues craving more

Pralus – Cuba

While Cuba origins seem to be attracting attention from the volume producers, this is the first effort by an artisanal chocolatier – and although it needs work it does give a better impression of what the Cuba origin is like. It’s clear that this is an origin favouring a dark-roast style – anything less and ..

Pralus – Papouasie

A mixed effort with a challenging bean. This chocolate will present you with a kaleidoscopic procession of different flavours, wildly lurching from one to the other. If the sense of being out of control is a bit like being on a rollercoaster, then surely this bar will appeal to those who like thrills with their ..

Pralus – Fortissima

A mild chocolate that for its percentage seems almost too mild, especially when compared to the 75% varietals. Yet Fortissima is a lovely blend with great balance and a flavor that captures the Pralus style in an accessible fashion

Pralus – Bresil

Very nice Forastero chocolate shows clearly the benefits of dark roasting for this varietal. Pralus has done a commendable job of revealing a pleasant basic chocolate while minimising bitterness and even flatness. Don’t expect any revelatory flavour complexities here, but as a simple eating chocolate this is most acceptable

Pralus – Java

A definite change from the Java of years past, this version sees more fruitiness and acidity, but each aspect is balanced wonderfully with Pralus’ characteristic smokiness