Santander – 53%

Overall, this is not a bad semisweet chocolate, yet it’s not the best example of this range either. However, with an amiable flavor that conjures up wintertime memories of steaming cups of hot cocoa, the reminiscing allure it holds will surely send you reaching for the opened wrapper more than once

Santander – 36%

The Colombian cacao stands up to the milk remarkably well and provides plenty of complexity and interest to make this milk chocolate quite unique. A bit sweet on the tongue, actually, but still quite intense with its chocolatiness, the balance is a “take the good with the bad” relationship, but in the end, the sweetness ..

Santander – 65%

Sweeter cousin to the 70%, this one sacrifices boldness for acidity and presents a dramatically different flavor profile

Santander – 70%

The initial chocolaty hit and lingering presence, coupled with the cheerful flavor, result in a well-balanced and very approachable chocolate