Slitti – Super Novanta Amazzonia

Slitti – Super Novanta Amazzonia

Questionable bar from Slitti, who usually delivers the goods at 90% but misses far and wide here. Just about everything that can go wrong does, and it seems all efforts to correct the many wrongs inherent in the cacao have incurred disastrous consequences

Slitti – Lattenero 70%

At a hefty 70%, Slitti’s darkest milk chocolate is an enticing exploration and ultimate test of just how far this high percentage milk chocolate trend can go. With essentially nothing to lose, Slitti succeeds and creates a bar whose flavor far outweighs any novelty value it holds

Slitti – Lattenero 51%

The second step up in the Lattenero hierarchy of cocoa content, Slitti has created arguably the most balanced and proportioned bar of the range. Fans of Cluizel’s Grand Lait 45% would find much pleasure here if not more since Slitti has in possession a magnificent chocolate that not only rivals it but also surpasses it

Slitti – Gran Cacao 100%

If bitterness and ash were highly desired flavors, Slitti would have a winner here. Unfortunately, though, this chocolate is far from that, embodying just about everything that could possibly go wrong in a chocolate. With Gran Cacao 100%, we find out this blend needs sugar

Slitti – Gran Cacao 90%

With this bar, Slitti shows us where he truly shines. At 90%, the chocolate has no offensive irregularities and delivers a simple yet chocolaty flavor that demands no further elaboration to make it great. This is strong and commanding, similar to Super Novanta Tropicale, but less complex in flavor. Overall, Gran Cacao 90% stands tall ..

Slitti – Gran Cacao 73%

Slitti is almost there, yet he’s so far away. At 73%, the chocolate comes close to delivering a great flavor but succumbs to a few flaws that make the bar merely average. Overall, it’s not a bad chocolate but just deficient in the qualities needed to make this blend work

Slitti – Gran Cacao 82%

A perfect example of how not to present a chocolate at this range. Mild, bitter, and musty are all adequate descriptions, conveying exactly what Slitti has delivered and what all other chocolatiers should avoid. Horribly imbalanced as well, this is a chocolate that needs to go back to the drawing board

Slitti – Super Novanta Tropicale

This is a superb Arriba chocolate, perhaps the archetpye of this cacao. It demonstrates an unyielding power and well-balanced character that clearly shows Slitt’s mastery over this bean