Valrhona - El Pedregal

Valrhona – El Pedregal

New for 2011, a reincarnation of Valrhona’s earlier gift-box only Pedregal offering. Porcelana – a Venezuelan white-beaned criollo variety – is often considered to be the ‘champagne’ of cacao varie...
by Seventy%

Susana, Martin and Damian Allsop talking Slow Chocolate

Seasonal ‘eatings’ from The Chocolate Festival!

Three days of chocolate indulgence transformed London's South Bank into a chocoholic's paradise
by Susana Cárdenas Overstall


Valrhona - Gran Couva 2010

Valrhona – Gran Couva 2010

The original plantation cacao bar, from a source first suggested to Valrhona by Robert Linxe of La Maison du Chocolat. Also the first bar to really be marketed by its year of production or ‘vintage’. (Though laying ...
by Martin Christy

Valrhona - Ampamakia 2010

Valrhona – Ampamakia 2010

The 2009 Ampamankia could have been seen as something of a hard act to follow, and while little improvement has been made in 2010, Valrhona has succeeded in losing very little of the charming character that made last year’s b...
by Stuart Robson


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Valrhona – Alpaco

An unfortunate flop into Ecuadorian territory, Valrhona fails to deliver any sort of cocoa intensity but does manage to deliver good, albeit stifled, notes that are characteristic of the origin and beans.
by Seventy%


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Valrhona – Taïnori

A chocolate with plenty of potential that could one day be among Valrhona’s top shelf bars. Comparing most likely to Domori’s Chacao line or, for ease of accessibility, Valrhona’s own Araguani, Tainori is powe...
by Seventy%



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