Valrhona – Nature & Chocolat Organic Dark

Ultimately, this is a middle-of-the-road organic chocolate, because while it strays far left from disaster, it also avoids a collision with excellence. This is suitable, though, for those who desire a lighter, fruitier shift from the excessive earthiness and flatness of other organic chocolates, which have a tendency to overwhelm the palate and turn people ..

Valrhona – Porcelana Del Pedregal

This chocolate practically shrieks pretentiousness from the second you hear of it. Perhaps no other chocolate seems so narcissistic. Underneath the layers of snobbery, however, lies a very good chocolate, one that in humbler guise might well receive high praise. It is, however, a chocolate with imperfections – which might be overlooked in a simpler ..

Valrhona – Le Noir Amer 71%

Valrhona’s house blend yields a chocolate that should appeal to palates not too fond of stronger or more aggressive chocolates. Overall, it’s light in almost every respect, providing a delicate flavor of flowers and soft red fruits

Valrhona – Le Noir Extra Amer 85%

Unfortunate venture by Valrhona into stronger percentage chocolate. A mystifying choice of African bean suggests the results might not be too promising. On trying the chocolate these fears are fully realised

Valrhona – Palmira 2004

Depsite Chuao’s rather poor 2003 performance, the gap its departure created was still large, but Valrhona quickly found a replacement with Palmira. This debut performance showcases a chocolate that is still young in years and requires much maturing before it can blossom into a strong contender. Although Palmira displays many of the characteristics indicative of ..

Valrhona – Araguani

Heavy, darkly flavoured chocolate with unusual twists. An interesting fourth chocolate in Valrhona’s Grand Cru range that keeps up the high quality standard already set

Valrhona – Ampamakia 2002

The first year of this new vintage chocolate from Valrhona has proved very popular, being a favourite at our tasting parties. Light and delicate, it’s closely related in flavour to Valrhona’s Manjari and the Chocolate Society Organic. Ampamakia has a very light, citrus flavour, while being a little more solid than Manjari. As the flavour ..

Valrhona – Manjari

A Valrhona classic, Manjari is light, fruity, has a gorgeous melt and is not at all bitter. Ideal for any curious milk chocolate fans not so keen on dark chocolate, or anyone trying out fine chocolate for the first time. Currently only available in 200g bars. Buy this bar in our shop

Valrhona – Guanaja

A classic for the connoisseur and the chef alike. Complex flavours with fine red forest fruit notes and great length define this landmark chocolate

Valrhona – Chuao 1999

Excellent Chuao from Valrhona, light and delicate enough to please those who are not so keen on the ‘bitter’ in bitter chocolate

Valrhona – Chuao 2001

Valrhona’s 2001 vintage Chuao. A good, top quality chocolate that doesn’t stand out from the crowd as much as examples from previous years

Valrhona – Gran Couva 2001

2001 vintage of Valrhona’s single domain Trinidadian chocolate. Bursting with tangerine flavour, a good choice for those preferring a less bitter chocolate. It is however a little insubstantial, lacking the depth of other Valrhona offerings

Valrhona – Caraïbe

Smoky and dark, this is Valrhona’s Caribbean offering, made from Trinitarios beans into a chocolate that can be rather addictive … Buy this bar in our shop