Vintage Plantations – Arriba Milk 38% 2004

This is a real accomplishment not only for Plantations but also for milk chocolate in general. Arriba proves to be a perfect candidate for milk chocolate even at such a low percentage, as its flavor never wavers with its complexity or intensity. Impressive chocolate in the flavor department but an unfortunate disaster texture-wise

Vintage Plantations – Arriba 100% 2004

The star of the family from a maddeningly inconsistent chocolate manufacturer. Where their other chocolates have been decidedly mixed-bag, this one conveys an enchanting parade of flavours, all at maximum intensity thanks to the percentage. It’s got all the power you expect of an unsweetened, but with a subtlety which makes it one of the ..

Vintage Plantations – Arriba 90% 2004

The challenges of a high percentage Arriba manifest themselves in a far-from-great presentation, but given time and experience, this can transform into quite an excellent chocolate. Overall, the results are promising and show signs of potential for future batches

Vintage Plantations – Arriba 75% 2004

Overall, this is a pretty good 75% that shows signs of promise, but it’s still a very young chocolate that reflects inexperience with its handling. However, practice makes perfect, and over time, this could grow into a superb chocolate