What we can do for you

We recognise that the quality and flavour of our chocolate relies more than anything else on one important ingredient: cacao. In our experience the best tasting chocolate is made when there is a more direct connection between chocolate and the cacao from which it is made. As such, we support the continuing growth and development of the fine cacao market, while helping consumers make more conscious choices about the chocolate they eat.

One of our core aims is to help small bean to bar chocolate makers, fine chocolatiers and fine cacao projects to become successful in a challenging commercial market. Producing fine cacao or chocolate is not always the easy route, but we believe such projects deserve our support.

Seventy% can provide help in the following areas:


While we are neither cacao growers nor chocolate makers, we have tried hundreds of chocolate bars from companies of all sizes, giving us a unique view of the fine chocolate market. Our experience has allowed us to build a powerful set of tools that can consistently be used to assess the flavour profiles of chocolate and of cacao. We are recognised by the industry for providing unbiased, clear, comprehensive feedback.

In our independent position we compile and share knowledge with all sectors of the cacao and chocolate markets, and particularly seek to connect the cacao-chocolate chain.


We consult to various organisations and chocolate companies, using our branding and marketing knowledge to help set up small companies, develop brands, projects and assist product development. We offer a flexible curriculum tailored to the requirements of each audience or client. Training is often provided in relationship with local and international experts to provide in-depth insight and understanding of the fine cacao and chocolate industries.


One of our most important roles is raising awareness of fine chocolate and the benefits it brings to all involved with its production and consumption. A key part of this is through helping consumers and the industry to better understand the flavour aspects of chocolate. Without a consideration of flavour, we wouldn’t have either fine cacao or fine chocolate.

We achieve this through public and private tastings, and through our workshop programme. In our workshops we use an experiential approach to help participants to awaken their chocolate senses. Varying from a few hours to several days, our format is flexible and allows a range of topics or guest speakers to be slotted in around the core modules. We also provide certification of attendance for corporate or public sector events, when requested.