Hungarian Grand Prix 2011

Last race before the summer break and things are hotting up. (Which can’t be said for the English weather…) Are we seeing the first hint of a crack in Red Bull dominance, or will they re-stamp their authority on the season before the four-week summer break? Psycho Neuro Physiological Programming (PNPP) is what is needed. ..

German Grand Prix 2011

We’re in Germany, home of the current runaway leader, Vettel. Can he be stopped? I struggled to survive the combative, macho world dominated by a culture that despised who I really am. When the war broke out Cheap Jerseys there was something gruesomely comic in the proclamations of emperors and archdukes appealing to that invincible ..

Monaco Grand Prix 2011

The big one, Monaco. Little chance of overtaking, but always exciting. Pole is all important clomid tablets. Last season, Dennis Dixon, who will start this game, played pretty well on the road against a very good Ravens’ defense and averaged 5.6 yards per pass play (Baltimore would allow 5.4 yppp at home to an average ..

Spanish Grand Prix 2011

Here we are properly in Europe with the title competition beginning to hot up, assuming Vettel doesn’t just run away with it all. Plenty of time for upgrades and surprises though in what’s looking like a pretty exciting season in development. how to buy a sports braBut the drying out process can start long before ..

Turkish Grand Prix 2011

Here we are in Istanbul Park, with Vettel on pole already and both Duffy and I late making calls for the race. It was picking by email this time – post qualifying on a gentleman’s agreement. Duffy’s turn for first choice with Vettel, Martin taking a gamble on Hamilton being the one to catch him, ..

Chinese Grand Prix 2011

Onto Shanghai, will there be any stopping Sebastian Vettel? This is where I first learned the power that a small bite of food can have.. 1 overall pick from Fake ray bans the Tennessee Titans along with a 4th and 6th round selections in exchange for the Rams No. 9 pick and their 2015 first ..

Malaysia Grand Prix 2011

Second race of the season and the big question is how the new Pirelli tyres will perform in hot temperatures – from the cool of Melbourne to the extreme of Kuala Lumpur, one of the hottest tracks of the season. Heat is not the only issue though, this could be the first race of the ..

Australian Grand Prix 2011

The first race of the season after the cancellation of Bahrain, due to unrest in the country. With a plethora of rule changes this season and a new tyre provider, calling the first race is going to be a tough one. Ferrari and Red Bull are the obvious contenders, but McLaren have defied the pundits ..

F1 challenge with Duffy Sheardown – 2011

F1 challenge with Duffy Sheardown – 2011

In 2010 new British bean to bar chocolate maker Duffy Sheardown challenged Seventypercent editor Martin Christy to pick the winners for the Formula 1 season.

This year we open up the competition to all comers, with prizes including a visit to Duffy’s factory