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Dolfin and Magasin
September 13, 2004
2:30 pm
Forum Posts: 41
Member Since:
March 3, 2004

I am very happy to see L’Artisan talking on the site and appreciate Chocaleteros comments . I do not think that chocolatiers only say bad things about others though , the majority I have spoken to simply attack the number of companies calling themseleves chocolatiers whilst making no products at all or thinking that they are the only ones doing good work . My interest is in seeing the old school craftsmen recognisied . Any Academy with a top heavy grouping of retailers , journalists and marketing people may be a reflection of todays industry but is worthless in my book.

September 13, 2004
4:41 pm
Hans-Peter Rot
Forum Posts: 1462
Member Since:
August 1, 2006

I don’t see Chocolatero’s comments as negative either, nor do I see them as self-promotional. She’s simply another member, like us, who contributes to the forum with her knowledge and opinions. I think the chocolate business is just like any other business: it has struggling amateurs trying to rise to the top; established pros who deserve their recognition (and a lot who don’t); and everything in between. It’s very similar to the music industry, actually. Many people might dislike one artist (say Brittany Spears, for example) and claim that she’s over-rated, whereas the record sales suggest otherwise. Same with Godiva. I’m sure most of us agree that Godiva is over-rated and over-priced, but their sales and appeal to the mass media cannot be avoided, so obviously they’re doing something right, which, imo, is coupled with many facotrs. Everything is going to be subjective, no matter how objectiviely we view it. Someone’s feelings are always going to be hurt or challenged, and competition is likely to ensue.