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NEWBIE: grainy things in my los ancones
December 18, 2004
7:16 pm
New Member
Forum Posts: 1
Member Since:
December 18, 2004

hey all, have just recently ventured into the world of good chocolates.. in fact, have only tried two respected bars so far. (my first was lindt 70% which is great because i can get it just about anywhere!)

this morning, however, tried the michel cluizel los ancones bar.. what an amazing experience!

one small thing.. every few bites, i noticed some sand-like grains.. it’s almost as if there is coarse cocoa bean traces left behind.

..is this normal?

i also tried the mangaro bar (which i actually do not like that much).. and again, there is that irritating grain every few bites!

December 19, 2004
5:31 am
Hans-Peter Rot
Forum Posts: 1462
Member Since:
August 1, 2006

Can’t say I have ever experienced any sandiness or cacao bean remnants in any Cluizel bars. I have, however, discovered some cacao bean pieces in a couple of my Domori bars: some rogue pieces that felt the need to escape the machinations of refinement. Mangaro might be too fruity for you, or perhaps its strength isn’t as assertive as you’d like it to be, especially if the strongest chocolate you’ve been exposed to so far is Lindt Excellence 70%. Try other chocolates, and you might discover that you’ll appreciate Mangaro a bit more.

December 19, 2004
11:20 am
Forum Posts: 1170
Member Since:
April 29, 2004

i’ve experienced the little bits in cluizel as well. not as often as u describe, countchoc, but they’re there and they’re stray pieces of bean i think.