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domori san jose ocumare 67
November 26, 2004
11:10 am
Forum Posts: 1170
Member Since:
April 29, 2004

i am now happily in possession of a box of ocumare 67 and thanks to lonely i’ve been treated to a bar of each ocumare 61 percentage.

my impression so far:

the box looks great and smells even better. i don’t know whether the chocolate aroma has permeated it or whether they wood they use gives off this scent. looks like cherry, but i am no expert when it comes to wood. they’ve used a neat effect on the hacienda logo. when you tip the box to one side it disappears. (maybe this is a security feature to protect it against copyright infringement)

as for the contents, the booklet looks nice and is printed on fine paper (don’t ask me what type, looks like what you’d use for watercoloring). the information inside is ok, i’d expected a bit more. the dvd i haven’t watched yet…

and the chocolate?
the bean used for the chocolate is in this case ocumare 67 and the bars (25g squares) come in four percentages:

  • 60 (with cocoa nibs)
  • 70
  • 80 (with fructose and salt) and
  • 100

hmmm, i am a big domori fan and while i do not always trust my tongue i have been a bit disappointed.
i’ll start with my clear favorites: the 80% with the salt and fructose and the 60% with the nibs.
i never thought dark chocolate with salt would be so sublime and warm. very soft on the tongue.
the 60% has the best nibs i’ve tasted in chocolate. a nice crunch but without any hard bits as in some other bars. the flavor in this percentage is also stronger than i thought it would be.

the greatest disappointment so far has been the 70%, which should be equal to domori’s puertofino. the taste is very subtle as to almost go unnoticed by my tongue yet has an unpleasant note of musty alcohol. over time i have often had this impression of domori’s more expensive bars like puertomar or porcelana. at a recent tasting i held for friends, domori ranked low among the bars – six in total.
here, to give the benefit of the doubt, i’ll say domori is just to subtle for my taste buds.

the reason i wanted to have a box of san jose was the 100%.
yet, while this is a good example of a pure cocoa bar with its subtleness and softness and domori has created something nice, i won’t be buying any san jose for this alone (in fact this box was a gift).

in summary: it would be great if domori sold these squares as they do the chateau series. otherwise it makes a nice (if expensive) gift. definitely not something you’d buy often.

November 26, 2004
11:15 am
Martin Christy
London, United Kingdom
Forum Posts: 614
Member Since:
July 31, 2006

The Ocumare 61 is the star, the production if very low though – we couldn’t get any!

Martin Christy

Martin Christy Editor www.seventypercent.com
November 26, 2004
12:29 pm
Lone Ly
Oslo, Norway
Forum Posts: 397
Member Since:
October 10, 2003

You make me feel special, Martin … Btw, I’ll write you an e-mail about that.

But Alex, “the BOX smells good”??? Forgive me for reminding you that the reason you wanted the box was the 100% of Ocumare 61 ;-)

After I messed up my taste buds, taste memory (if such a thing exists) and ability to concentrate after excessive chocolate tasting this summer, I cannot say anything else about Ocumare 61 than it is great. Simply great. Looking forward to try Ocumare 67 as the 80% Martin let me try I this summer was very promising.

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment.

"Man cannot live by chocolate alone - but woman can." (Unknown)
November 26, 2004
2:44 pm
Forum Posts: 1170
Member Since:
April 29, 2004

well, i enjoyed the stuff you sent me, lone. i have to admit i ate it too fast to really compare the two ocumares *sigh*

i think i need to learn to cherish these things more, especially if production is limited.

and yeah, the box has a really nice smell :-P

martin, what do you say to the san josés?