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Chocolate Mousse for Two

Recently on the forum, there has been a lot of discussion centered on a simple yet decadent dessert we all know and love: chocolate mousse. It all started when a forum member posted his recipe and then requested that everyone e...
by Hans-Peter Rot

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Latin American tour August 2008 – Day 20 – cacao farms in Bocas del Toro

A day messing about on boats, spinning about different islands and stops around the lagoon investigating cacao production in the Bocas del Toro area. Before setting off though, our host Steve took us and the other guests at La ...
by Martin Christy


Chocolate carnage with Louise Thomas, Dom Ramsey and Jennifer Earle

First Connoisseurs Club tasting

Last week saw the first of our new 'Connoisseurs Club' get togethers at our regular monthly tasting venue, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Our new advanced format was a chance to let our hair down a little and pull the new, ...
by Martin Christy

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Amano new origin competition – win a year’s supply of chocolate!

Amano announce competition to guess the origin of their latest origin chocolate. Enter while you can and be Amano'd up for a whole year.
by Seventy%


Seventy% supports the International Chocolate Awards
Maricel Presilla shows her James Beard award at her Zafra restaurant

‘I always find good food, even in the most improbable places’

Q&A with Maricel Presilla, winner of the Outstanding Chef Mid-Atlantic prize given by the prestigious James Beard Foundation. She is a member of the Grand Jury of The International Chocolate Awards taking place in London on May 28
by Susana Cárdenas Overstall


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