Out of date? (Michel Cluizel Concepcion)

‘Best before’ dates are tricky. No one wants to receive or buy something that’s close or past it’s ‘best before’ date, but it should be remembered that those dates mean best, before – not "eat by this date or the chocolate will suddenly decompose into grey powder". If you keep your chocolate well, there’s a ..

Left-overs are the best (Pralus Ghana)

Last week the Academy of Chocolate was invited to show their collective wares at an ICCO event in London. Seventypercent was their to promote the fine chocolate message and offer samples of origin chocolate to representatives of cocoa growing and consumer countries from around the world. Big events almost always mean left over samples, and ..

Be more healthy – eat more chocolate

18th Century etching of sick woman.Is chocolate the worlds perfect food?

Chris Chung takes an irreverent but thought provoking view of both the mythical and real health benefits of chocolate. How could chocolate save your life?