Save the best till last

People become motivated when they know an experience is about to be completed. Now, even psychologists are turning to chocolate to back up their analysis

Smart chocolate

It is a fact. Chocolate with high flavanol content is beneficial for your brain. This was revealed in an independent study by Professor Andrew Scholey and Con Stough from the Center for Human Psychopharmacology at Swinburne University in Australia.

Mars reduces kings-size chocolate bars

Mars Inc., maker of Snickers chocolate bars and Wrigley gum, plans to stop selling chocolate products that have more than 250 calories per portion, dooming king-sized bars.

Callebaut buy Chocovic

Swiss giant Barry Callebaut, the choco-saurus of the chocolate world, has swallowed up Spanish fine chocolate maker Chocovic for an undisclosed sum. Pending European competition rulings, the deal should be complete by the end of the year