Level 1 Chocolate Tasting Certificate – Vancouver

Level 1 Tasting Course in Vancouver, 28 September 2014, our first in Canada

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Level 1 Chocolate Tasting Certificate – Hannover

Book for our first Level 1 Tasting Course in Germany, 15 September 2014 (in English)


Chocolate Tasting Certificate

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  2. The Chocolate Tree – Ecuador 82% Alex Rast, 14 Dec 2012
  3. Friis-Holm – Chuno Double Turned Alex Rast, 3 Dec 2012
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Bonnat - Apotequil 75%

Bonnat – Apotequil

Bonnat explore all dimensions of “Porcelana” with another variant, this one from Peru. They seem to be milking the Porcelana designation for all they can get; whether this can be called such is yet again a big quest...
by Alex Rast

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Sprüngli – Grand Cru Criollo de Maracaibo 65%

Felchlin Venezuelan Maracaibo sold under the Sprüngli brand. A straight moulding of the couverture, packed elegantly in two gold wrapped bars, laid in a fold out box. Very elegantly presented and nice to have two 50 gram bars...
by Martin Christy


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Theo Chocolate – Costa Rica 91%

After encountering extreme batch variability difficulties with their earlier Venezuela 91%, with some bars coming out fantastic and others near-inedible, Theo make another stab with the Costa Rica. The switch to the new origin ...
by Alex Rast

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Patric – Madagascar 75%

Patric is another of the new wave of American chocolate manufacturers emerging in large numbers. While some are very experimental indeed, Patric appears to know what they’re doing and produce quite fine chocolate. The Mad...
by Alex Rast