Chocovic – Guaranda

Made from Arriba forestero beans from Ecuador, considered to be one of the few forestero varieties that qualify as ‘flavour’ rather than ‘bulk’ beans. A good chocolate to try, especially for those less keen on the fruity acid notes found in many criollo based chocolates. This bar also gives a good reference point for identifying ..

Domori – Porcelana

This makes an interesting comparison with Amedei’s Porcelana. While Amedei’s offering seems wild and variable – only just on the edge of an acceptable chocolate taste, Domori have produced a more stable version that is at once both high and exotic, while retaining a fundamental chocolate flavour. Sit back, enjoy and wish that all chocolate ..

Galler – Chocolate Noir 70%

A good basic fine chocolate bar, though lacking in any ‘high’ flavour notes. Seems fairly sweet while eating, but is somewhat rough afterwards

Domori – Grand Blend No 1

Excellent strong yet palatable bar from Domori. Creamy with dark flavours. A good bar to eat that will satisfy your fine chocolate needs without needing too much and without being too bitter. Buy this bar in our shop

Vivani – Feine Bitter Schokolade

Quality organic from Germany with a good basic chocolate flavour, and little of the earth taste present in many organics. A good eat for those looking for a medium strength bar, if a little ‘burnt’. Hopefully available in the UK and beyond in the near future

Venchi – Tavoletta Cuor di Cacao 75%

Interesting chocolate that’s good to eat, partly because a high proportion of additional cocoa butter has been added to the raw cocoa mass. While this makes the chocolate seem smooth, it is perhaps hiding some over-roasted middle quality beans lacking any fine flavours. Still, pleasant enough and will appeal to some tastes

Domori – Puertomar

This is a real achievement. Domori have created a chocolate from a ‘recovered’ cocoa (a sub-variety not previously identified) very high in cocoa content, with no added cocoa butter, yet one that still manages to seem sweet and very easy to eat. The flavour is also remarkable for its notes of cream. Will appeal equally ..

Starbucks – Dark deliciously chunky chocolate

Bar of the month – September 2003 Congratulations go to Starbucks for making a good quality chocolate easily available almost anywhere in the UK, and a fairly trade one at that. High in cocoa butter and certainly not too bitter, a good choice when you need a chocolate dose in an emergency! Buy this bar ..

Domori – Puertofino

Strong for a 70% chocolate, owing to Domori’s policy of not adding extra cocoa butter to the mix. An interesting balance of flavours from musty to fruit, with perhaps apricot being the dominant note. Very satisfying length. Buy this bar in our shop

Michel Cluizel – Hacienda ‘Los Anconès’

Michel Cluizel – Hacienda ‘Los Anconès’

Cluizel finally hit home with the third of their unique origin bars. This is an excellent offering with a wealth of interesting and well-balanced flavours that will please anyone, being at the same time truly a fine chocolate, but also fruity and not too bitter

Valrhona – Araguani

Heavy, darkly flavoured chocolate with unusual twists. An interesting fourth chocolate in Valrhona’s Grand Cru range that keeps up the high quality standard already set

Galler – Chocolate Noir 85%

A good offering from Galler, very strong but not way off the bitterness scale. Flavours are subdued rather than strident, but are enjoyable all the same, with a warm comfortable aftertaste

Bonnat – Hacienda El Rosario

Bonnat’s attempt at the single-estate bar, from Maracaibo. While Bonnat actually has better chocolates, this one is very distinctive in its mild but highly developed flavour. It’s a departure from Bonnat’s more typical style, although paradoxically while distinctive for Bonnat it has a flavour that perhaps has found too much popularity among other manufacturers, so ..