Michel Cluizel – Noir de Cacao 72%

Another sound chocolate in the Cluizel range, dark and strong, but well balanced. Perhaps overshadowed by their excellent 85% ‘Grand Amer’, this is still a good offering and well worth sampling.. Buy this bar in our shop

Michel Cluizel – Chocolate Noir 60%

The lowest cocoa content version of Cluizel’s popular blend, with a cool sweetness strongly dominated by the Bourbon vanilla. Very palatable and enjoyable, neither too bitter nor too sweet. Buy this bar in our shop

Michel Cluizel – Ilha Toma

A fine, flavourful unique origin bar from Cluizel, which though mild features a dazzling array of intriguing flavours from berries to nettles. Perhaps too sweet for some, but a good chocolate for those less keen on the bitter side of things. Buy this bar in our shop

Green & Black’s – Cooking 72%

Although billed as their cooking chocolate, this is actually the best offering from Green & Black’s. It’s more palatable than their standard 70% and is probably made from the beans they source from Madagascar, having more light fruit notes than their 70%. Not a bad chocolate, but still somewhat earthy, and rather strong. 150g bar

Green & Black’s – Dark 70%

The original organic chocolate, but all too earthy and rough. Palatable, though better organics have since emerged. A good standby that fails to live up to its own hype

El Rey – Apamate

Dry, earthy, unique origin chocolate from El Rey with some interesting fruit tones – the strongest of the range from Carenero Superior beans. Makes an interesting variation from European style fine chocolate, though some may find it lacking in smoothness

Valrhona – Ampamakia 2002

The first year of this new vintage chocolate from Valrhona has proved very popular, being a favourite at our tasting parties. Light and delicate, it’s closely related in flavour to Valrhona’s Manjari and the Chocolate Society Organic. Ampamakia has a very light, citrus flavour, while being a little more solid than Manjari. As the flavour ..

Michel Cluizel – 1er Cru d’Hacienda Concepcion

One of Cluizel’s first unique origin chocolates. Initially a little disappointing, this is a chocolate that has improved a lot over the last few years. With dark earth undertones and promising high notes that tantalise rather than astonish, a ‘wine’ like note brings an extra dimension that adds both interest and depth . A good ..

Valrhona – Manjari

A Valrhona classic, Manjari is light, fruity, has a gorgeous melt and is not at all bitter. Ideal for any curious milk chocolate fans not so keen on dark chocolate, or anyone trying out fine chocolate for the first time. Currently only available in 200g bars. Buy this bar in our shop

Valrhona – Guanaja

A classic for the connoisseur and the chef alike. Complex flavours with fine red forest fruit notes and great length define this landmark chocolate

Valrhona – Chuao 1999

Excellent Chuao from Valrhona, light and delicate enough to please those who are not so keen on the ‘bitter’ in bitter chocolate

Dolfin – Noir 70% de Cacao

Elegantly presented but slightly disappointing chocolate that delivers some strong bitter flavours, without any balancing sweeter notes

Chocolate Society – Organic 67% Cacao Dark Chocolate

A lovely bar that doesn’t require any special allowances for being ‘organic’. Very dominant citrus/lime notes suggest a strong East Indian element. Made for the Chocolate Society by Valrhona, the same couverture is also used in some other bars around the world

Leonidas – Dark

Presumably the chocolate used to coat Leonidas’ pralines (where it might be better suited balanced against other flavours) this makes an ok eat, but on the whole is rather too bitter, though with a moment of saving grace during the melt