Bonnat – Puerto Cabello

Bonnat’s most unique sales proposition, a varietal chocolate unduplicated by other manufacturers, and with an excellent, characteristically Bonnat flavour signature, nicely balanced. This one will astonish with its lack of bitterness yet potent, dark flavour, unlike the commonplace light fruitiness of so many Venezuelan chocolates. If you try only one Bonnat, this is the one ..

Bonnat – Trinité

Is this really an Ecuador Arriba? Certainly it seems like it – with a flavour profile matching Arribas almost right down the line. What does this mean? A good powerful bar, lots of character, lots of kick. Also, possibly Bonnat isn’t exactly on top of quality control in packaging, especially when one notes that an ..

Bonnat – Madagascar

Perhaps the least successful interpretation of this fashionable region, here is a chocolate with a lot of bite to it and perhaps also one that suffers from overroasting. The result is a chocolate with little delicacy and too much bitterness – almost the opposite of what a good Madagascar is. Bonnat generally makes good varietals ..

Valrhona – Caraïbe

Smoky and dark, this is Valrhona’s Caribbean offering, made from Trinitarios beans into a chocolate that can be rather addictive … Buy this bar in our shop

Bonnat – Ceylan

Interesting if slightly soft chocolate from Bonnat, with a good chocolate note and some developing citrus tones, but maybe a little too sour

Bonnat – Côte d’Ivoire

An excellent if somewhat ethically questionable bar from Bonnat. It’s got a good basic chocolate taste – no frills, but the purity of flavour makes it stand out among Ivory Coast chocolates, usually a source of cheap bulk beans. A great example of how to treat a Forastero. However, concerns over labour practices taint this ..