Mast Brothers - Madagascar 72%

Mast Brothers – Madagascar 72%

Mast Brothers are creating a good deal of excitement in the chocolate world, with their hands-on processing, obvious care and attention to detail.  Passion is an overused word in the world of fine food but one taste of this h...
by Stuart Robson


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Rogue Chocolatier – Sambirano 70%

Another of the new wave of American chocolate manufacturers. Just how many producers the available supply can support is, of course, up for question, but it’s nice to see more people giving it a go. Rogue here starts with...
by Alex Rast


Seventy% supports the International Chocolate Awards
Bonnat - Apotequil 75%

Bonnat – Apotequil

Bonnat explore all dimensions of “Porcelana” with another variant, this one from Peru. They seem to be milking the Porcelana designation for all they can get; whether this can be called such is yet again a big quest...
by Alex Rast


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