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  • Cacao solids: 75%
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  • Description by: Seventy%
  • Production: Unknown
  • Certification:
    • None
  • Ingredients:
    • Cocoa
    • Cocoa butter
    • Sugar

[Translated from the French]
This Porcelana-variety cacao is harvested in Mexico in the authentic local tradition. The Venezuelan cocoa trees, transplanted to the uplands of the state of Tabasco, have developped rich and savoury flavours which blend with the strong organoleptic characteristics of this already particularly distinctive cocoa. With flavours from the delicate to conspicuous lightly acid notes, this very rare chocolate will transport you to unaccustomed taste sensations.

Bonnat – Marfil de Blanco—Chocolate Review Rating: % out of 100 based on 0 reviews.

Bonnat – Marfil de Blanco

Bonnat again creates manufacturing ambiguity with a line of Porcelana-type chocolates exactly matching one from Coppeneur. Who’s the original manufacturer? Or are both? Whatever the case, Bonnat has created a fine bar here but one that doesn’t necessarily add much to the crowded Porcelana field. It’s interesting enough to experiment with but don’t expect something radically different or better than any of the other Porcelana types.


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