• Production: Produced directly from beans by maker
  • Certification:
    • None
  • Ingredients:
    • Chocolate
    • sugar
    • cocoa butter
    • vanilla

Lindt's Master Chocolatiers have developed this intense bittersweet baking bar to allow you to enjoy the incredible taste of Lindt chocolate in all your favorite recipes. Our bittersweet recipe has an incomparable intense chocolate taste with 70% cocoa, which is strong and balanced.

Lindt & Sprüngli – Baking 70%Chocolate Review Rating: 84.5% out of 100 based on 1 reviews.

Lindt & Sprüngli – Baking 70%

Lindt has created a marvelously well-balanced “baking” chocolate that certainly holds its own as an eating chocolate. It’s surprisingly complex and warm overall with a medium-bodied feel that’s easy on the palate.


Hans-Peter Rot: 4-Aug-2006

Posted: August 4, 2006 by
SCORES Score/10 Weight
Aroma: 10%
Look/snap: 5%
Taste: 35%
Melt: 5%
Length: 15%
Opinion: 30%
Total/100: 100%
Best before:
Batch num:
Supplied by:

Upon unwrapping, it’s clear this bar consists of a different blend than the Excellence line. The color is muddy brown and maroon, while the surface looks really good, flaunting no flaws or anything to suggest haste or carelessness in the process. Aroma is strong and alluring, but it’s relatively complacent and not bold at all, showing off a calm and dignified personality; sweet spice, coconut, and red fruits are offered, suggesting a flavor that should be far removed from (but possibly just as good as) the Excellence line.

Cinnamon comes in first and perhaps some other soft spice (most likely cinnamon and nutmeg combined), but overall this note is very pleasing and satisfying in and of itself. Coconut, then red fruits come in to complete a flavor that is warm and cozy yet very average, evoking no real thrills or excitement despite its tasteful quality. With nothing new or daring to break the mold, the chocolate has a texture that is also very average and certainly fitting of the relative calmness of flavor. It just completes the package of an “”average Joe”” chocolate that is difficult to find fault with.

Lindt’s baking chocolate is surprisingly complex and warm overall; being medium in its body and easy on the palate, it rings with a cozier chord than Lindt’s own Excellence line, the latter of which practically exudes chocolaty intensity. Probably intended for a broad range of applications, the home baker might be wise to approach this with caution since the strength and flavor are not as intense and universal as the packaging may imply. Ultimately, though, with a flavor this pleasing one might be tempted to reserve this chocolate strictly for straight-up tasting. I did.

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