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Amano Madagascar – Review – Martin Christy

A few biases to declare here before I get going. I’m fond of the Amano style of chocolate and also their general philosophy – that if a particular cacao tastes good, it will make good tasting chocolate. Chocolate ma...
by Martin Christy


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Original Beans – Beni Wild Harvest

A thin bar in an attractive mould with a ‘starburst’ design, each piece elegantly curved, giving some thickness on eating. Snap is a thick click. Very lightly coloured, could be easily mistaken for a milk bar to the...
by Martin Christy


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Mast Brothers - Madagascar 72%

Mast Brothers – Madagascar 72%

Mast Brothers are creating a good deal of excitement in the chocolate world, with their hands-on processing, obvious care and attention to detail.  Passion is an overused word in the world of fine food but one taste of this h...
by Stuart Robson


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