Pralus – Java

A definite change from the Java of years past, this version sees more fruitiness and acidity, but each aspect is balanced wonderfully with Pralus’ characteristic smokiness

Pralus – Trinidad

Quite a pleasant chocolate from Trinidad, full of complex flavor and a different evolution that offers somewhat of a new taste to this frequently attempted origin

Pralus – Ghana

Not the best effort from Pralus, Ghana comes off as too subtle and reserved, thereby delivering an agreeable tone to the palate that in of itself wouldn’t be such a bad thing if not for the lack of intensity

Valrhona – Palmira 2005

A maturing chocolate no doubt, Valrhona gives a glimpse into the bright future that Palmira could experience if they continue to tweak it to perfection. Let us cross our fingers and hope Valrhona realizes the potential that lies within their grasp

Valrhona – Ampamakia 2005

A huge improvement over last year’s vintage, 2005 sees a more refined and elegant Ampamakia, a chocolate that shows Valrhona is once again in control

Valrhona – Gran Couva 2005

An unfortunate year for Gran Couva, 2005 sees a different chocolate than in years past. Gone are the subtleties and complexity of yesteryear and in goes a uniform profile that leans to the sweeter, candy-like side

Theo Chocolate – Ivory Coast 75%

Here is a welcome sight indeed, an Ivory Coast bar that, finally, one needn’t agonise with one’s moral conscience before buying. With a Fair Trade designation you have your assurances that this isn’t the product of slave labour. This would be of only theoretical interest, however, if the chocolate weren’t good, but this is an ..

Theo Chocolate – Ghana 84%

A dark, brooding, yet rich chocolate, one which exudes sophistication from every aspect. The aroma will knock your socks off and without doubt the flavour seems to epitomise the Ghana bean. A chocolate with a few imperfections – it is quite bitter, but this is mostly the product of the bean. Consider this bar as ..

Domori – Sur Del Lago Clasificado

A good representative for the Sur Del Lago appelation and perhaps the most “typical” of Domori’s chocolates. Somewhat darker than is common for Sur Del Lagos, it’s a good example of how to create a blending base. Sur Del Lago has the baffling property of seeming to contain enormous potential yet never quite generate excitement ..

Domori – Carenero Superior

One of the best of all Domori’s art and one of the most unusual interpretations of Carenero Superior. Almost completely different from other Carenero bars on the market, it nonetheless sets the standard for other Careneros to follow. The ultimate chocolate for people who like spices and exotic flavours

Pralus – Madagascar

A wild and vibrant Madagascan with plenty of spunk, Pralus taps into a commonly sourced origin and produces another interesting, yet typical, chocolate exuding his signature flavors. Perhaps too tart for some, and also short in length, the chocolate might come across as wild and hectic

Pralus – São Tomé & Principe

Pralus gets the most out of this challenging but increasingly popular bean, delivering a chocolate that at least illustrates what the potential and fuss is all about. Perhaps the dark-roast style is the crucial factor, but certainly he manages to bring out the bean’s essential fruitiness, so rare in a Forastero, while at least keeping ..

Lindt & Sprüngli – Excellence Cuba 55%

A pretty average bar from Lindt, unlike most of the rest of the Excellence line which offer considerable flavour fireworks. Probably much of the problem must rest with too much sugar, and indeed sugary is the prevailing note of this chocolate. It’s really too bad, because it seems that the basic bean would offer an ..

Domori – Arriba

An excellent rendering of Arriba, if not quite definitive. It certainly brings out the classic Arriba highlights, at the penalty, perhaps, of a bit too much bitterness. Domori’s fermentation style tends to exaggerate bitterness where it occurs and with Arriba this is a risky move indeed. Nonetheless, it is a chocolate whose good points outweigh ..

Domori – Apurimac

Interesting Peruvian chocolate strikes out in a very spicy direction. This has very few of the more familar chocolate taste elements and in that respect is a novelty – but is it mainly good for the novelty value? There’s more than a hint of an experimental, unrefined chocolate here – out of character with the ..