Slitti – Super Novanta Amazzonia

Slitti – Super Novanta Amazzonia

Questionable bar from Slitti, who usually delivers the goods at 90% but misses far and wide here. Just about everything that can go wrong does, and it seems all efforts to correct the many wrongs inherent in the cacao have incurred disastrous consequences

Dagoba – Prima Materia

Dagoba’s entry into the unsweetened field reveals a chocolate that tastes amazingly like a Madagascar, which if is the case could be the same source for the similarly flavored Sambirano bar. Obviously a lighter approach for a company who usually roasts slightly longer, the bar remains easy to eat and lacks a mind-blowing intensity that ..

Kshocolat – 72% Single Estate

Starting with an already limited origin (Sao Tome), the bar barely manages to deliver any flavor at all and opts instead for a persona that echoes weariness with every second. What Kshocolat did to achieve this monotonous feat could have been Dutching, but if not, the company certainly would have to address other questions to ..

Slitti – Lattenero 70%

At a hefty 70%, Slitti’s darkest milk chocolate is an enticing exploration and ultimate test of just how far this high percentage milk chocolate trend can go. With essentially nothing to lose, Slitti succeeds and creates a bar whose flavor far outweighs any novelty value it holds

Slitti – Lattenero 51%

The second step up in the Lattenero hierarchy of cocoa content, Slitti has created arguably the most balanced and proportioned bar of the range. Fans of Cluizel’s Grand Lait 45% would find much pleasure here if not more since Slitti has in possession a magnificent chocolate that not only rivals it but also surpasses it

Domori – Madagascar

Domori’s other Madagascan bar is a more diverse approach, yielding better balance and a manageable flavor. Here, though, one still gets a strongly characterized chocolate that emphasizes contrast through flavors that at times may seem monotonous and excessively dense. As a result, it may still generate a dichotomy of “love it or hate it.&#8221

Dagoba – Sambirano

One of the darker Madagascans on the market and one that may seem like an unlikely success given the producer. However, the chocolate as a whole is relatively calm and uniform, presenting nothing too sharp or too light, but rather a darkened flavor with enough of the cacao’s intrinsic fruitiness to keep the bar interesting

L’artisan du Chocolat – Madagascar

Something of an unfortunate choice for the strongest of L’Artisan’s bars, taking the usually mild Madagascar and unfortunately letting it run a little wild. It’s unusually strident and aggressive, not a bar that will give you a moment’s peace. Still, it does convey all the important Madagascar elements, and on the level of simple exposition ..

L’artisan du Chocolat – Java

Reminiscent of L’Artisan’s equally surprising Madong, here’s another Indonesian on the wild side. Reeking of peat and smoke, it’s an experience unlike any other in the chocolate world. Is that good or bad? You may have to be the judge, but it’s unlikely your opinion will be neutral. This reviewer, however, finds plenty to commend

L’artisan du Chocolat – Venezuela

A bar clearly from exactly the same bean source as Theo’s Venezuela, yielding, predictably, similarly spectacular results. With rather more sugar, this one is less austere than the Theo version, and thus may have a somewhat broader appeal. Either way it has the same awesome, brooding dark character, a nice step away from your typical ..

L’artisan du Chocolat – Dominican Republic

A surprisingly dark interpretation of the Dominican Republic origin – the kind of bar Pralus might have produced. Containing all the extraordinary power of the origin this is a chocolate that will certainly impress with its boldness…but could it have been better? In spite of excellent overall effect, it’s a bit muddy, a bit muddled, ..

L’artisan du Chocolat – Peru Organic and Fairtrade

L’artisan du Chocolat – Peru Organic and Fairtrade

Promising organic, although not the best of L’Artisan’s efforts. L’Artisan has recently been experimenting with chocolate made from third-party liquor – hence the type isn’t really “unknown” but rather more “other”. They retain much stylistic control over result and the bars definitely have a signature of their own. Here L’Artisan is spot-on true to their ..

Plamil – Organic Dark Chocolate 87%

Plamil – Organic Dark Chocolate 87%

With their 60%, one felt Plamil took winning beans and washed them away in a sea of sugar. Here we see what happens when, in a fortunate development, they leave the sugar out. With clearly the same beans Plamil proves that indeed it was the sugar all along – and the bar soars with superb ..

Valrhona – Palmira 2006

Maybe just slightly less accomplished than previous Palmiras, this one retains the rather surprising, unfamiliar progression of flavours that previous vintages have offered. “Slightly”, it must be emphasised, is a critical modifier: by any reasonable standard this is excellent chocolate. But with a somewhat blander, sweeter profile one wonders if Valrhona might have done well ..