• Our rating: 77.2% (1 review)
  • Company:
  • Cacao solids: 64%
  • Guide Price: £2.50
  • Description by: Seventy%
  • Production: Unknown
  • Certification:
    • None
  • Ingredients:
    • Cocoa beans
    • Sugar
    • Cocoa butter
    • Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin
    • Natural Vanilla

""The Trinidad sun rises over Gran Couva. Harvesters from the plantation open cocoa pods with a machete and remove the precious coca beans. The first 'Chocoate de Domaine' has just arrived.""

Valrhona – Gran Couva 2001Chocolate Review Rating: 77.2% out of 100 based on 1 reviews.

Valrhona – Gran Couva 2001

2001 vintage of Valrhona’s single domain Trinidadian chocolate. Bursting with tangerine flavour, a good choice for those preferring a less bitter chocolate. It is however a little insubstantial, lacking the depth of other Valrhona offerings.


Martin Christy: 13-Oct-2002

Posted: October 13, 2002 by
SCORES Score/10 Weight
Aroma: 10%
Look/snap: 5%
Taste: 35%
Melt: 5%
Length: 15%
Opinion: 30%
Total/100: 100%
Best before:
Batch num:
Supplied by:

As usual from Valrhona a fine looking chocolate, with a stimulating ‘high’ aroma with shades of Stilton. Once in the mouth very smooth with a cool refreshing melt quickly exploding into a flood of tangerine-citrus with a hint of bitter background notes of tobacco and strong green tea. The citrus fades into a pleasant milkyness, after which this chocolate has little left to say, leaving the mouth somewhat unfulfilled. Length is slightly sour and a little waxy, and fades fairly quickly, but is not at all bad.

A good chocolate, but maybe not as good as it first seems.

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