Introducing the new Seventy% website

Seventy% has been reviewing and listing fine chocolate bars since the beginning of the global fine chocolate movement. As one of the first fine chocolate websites, was registered in 1999, but first launched as an active website in 2001.

Seventy% featured one of the first active forums about fine chocolate on the web and built one of the first comprehensive databases of fine chocolate reviews. Our founders went on to help create the International Chocolate Awards and the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting.

Because of our other work, Seventy% has not been maintained as well as we’d like in the last few years, but we’re pleased to announce that Seventy% is being relaunched as the sister site of and will become the public home of the Institute’s new flavor profile evaluation system, using our new flavour projection map.

We are currently working on creating the new public version of our profiling system and in the near future Institute students, Seventy% users and guests will be able to add and profile any dark chocolate, create their own library of bars and flavours and contribute to crowd-sourced flavour profiles of countries, origins, varieties and origin bars.

For now, our previous review content, blogs and forum have been archived for safe keeping and will be kept as a historical record, which we will make available at a later date once we’ve reformated and checked the data.