Seventy% is the British partner for The Chocolate Way, a European-wide initiative to create a cultural route for chocolate, promoting the European history of chocolate, craft chocolate traditions and chocolate tourism.

The Chocolate Way will begin its full development in 2015, so expect to hear a lot more about our activities in the UK and across Europe soon.

For now, you can find more information on the official website at and read the official aims of the project below.


The Association ” The Chocolate way ” intends to pursue the following objectives:

a) to promote the official recognition of a cultural route dedicated to chocolate (hereinafter: the ‘”Cultural Route”) entitled La Via del Cioccolato – The Chocolate Way”.

b) to manage and develop, following official recognition of the Cultural Route upon receiving legal status according to Italian Presidential Decree 10 February 2000 no. 361.

c) promote, enhance and protect the European artistic, historic, cultural heritage, material and immaterial, linked to cocoa and chocolate in Europe over the centuries, as well as expanding its knowability by putting Chocolate Routes in a network, highlighting both the role that chocolate has had over the centuries and its present role fostering communication between European populations and distant cultures, even overseas, bringing them closer through trade.

d) promote the production of artisan made chocolate as a symbol of European identity, through the diffusion of craft knowledge and of traditional techniques, promoting the construction of a common European citizenship and contributing, more generally, to improve the spread of the European image and cultural identity.

e) enhance and promote the artisan confectionery product, in particular, chocolate, as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet with the nutritional values ascribable to it.

f) promote and support projects of cooperation of cocoa’s origin Countries to assure a better tenability of all the chocolate supply chain.

The name “Chocolate Way” will be translated into the official language of the various Countries adhering to the Chocolate Route.