Chocolates made in Nicaragua

Chocolates made in Nicaragua

Carlos Mann, founder of Momotombo Chocolate, shares his experiences of making fresh chocolate in Nicaragua

Cacao antidote for Amazon deforestation?

A chocolate factory nestled deep in the Amazonian jungle in Brazil’s northern state of Para offers a sweet antidote to rainforest deforestation. France 24

Major trade flows of cacao beans

Check out this useful map of the main cacao producing countries. Top producing countries include The Ivory Cost, Ghana and Indonesia. Ecuador and the Dominican Republic takes the lead in Latin America. Business Insider

Hope for Brazilian cacao?

If this really is the beginning of a breakthrough in the fight against witches’ broom, the implications for the world cocoa market will be enormous. Financial Times

The Chocolate Machine

Would you like to be able to manage the amount of chocolate you eat and strengthen your self-control at the same time? Try the Chocolate Machine, a device invented by German designers and psychologists. Bloomberg Business Week

Peruvian farmers stick to fine flavour cacao

Latin American countries are not major cacao producers, so they have to take advantage of the diversity and quality of their cacao beans, their fine aromas, and the genetics of local varieties. Eco-Exchange