Amano Montanya 70%

Recently Amano seem to be on something of a roll, producing some quite wonderful bars consistently improving upon previous batches, and from the outset here there seems to be no exception with this limited edition offering. The colour is a little dark but with an enticing red tint and there can be few complaints in ..

Friis Holm Chuno 70%

The appearance is near flawless here; a deep reddish brown with minimal swirling or bubbling and, while perhaps a little darker than expected, it is difficult to draw comparison where such an unusual and rarely seen origin is involved. On the nose there is an instant spicy and slightly woody impression alongside fresh tobacco leaf ..

Pralus Chuao 75%

Pralus Chuao 75% A number of interpretations of the classic Chuao origin have come to the market recently which is surely a good thing for lovers of fine chocolate. This allows us all to see how the beans react to a variety of different stylistic treatments and here with Pralus we are of course dealing ..