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  1. The Chocolate Tree – Madagascar Raw 70% Alex Rast, 15 Jun 2013
  2. The Chocolate Tree – Ecuador 82% Alex Rast, 14 Dec 2012
  3. Friis-Holm – Chuno Double Turned Alex Rast, 3 Dec 2012
  4. Friis-Holm – Chuno Triple Turned Alex Rast, 18 Nov 2012
  5. Chapon – Chuao Alex Rast, 18 Nov 2012

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Marcolini – Grand Cru de Propriété Mexique

Marcolini shows his usual industriousness with a series of bars from various origins. It’s never made obvious which, if any, of the bars are made entirely in-house, but the percentages certainly vary from “standard&...
by Alex Rast

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Rózsavölgyi Porcelana

The cult of fine chocolate spreads – now to Hungary. In fairness, it’s perhaps more fair to say that the tradition of fine chocolate from Hungary reaches the West – for this is a country with one of the oldest...
by Alex Rast

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Patric – Rio Caribe Superior

While Patric has several Madagascars, this Rio Caribe is, so far, unique, giving it additional appeal. Arguably Rio Caribe is a more prestigious bean, or to be precise is an identified bean type, although many Rio Caribe effort...
by Alex Rast


William Curley bounty bar

William Curley vs your local sweet shop – Bounty bar smackdown

William has come over all Curley Wurley - he's on a mission to recreate the contents of your childhood sweet shop memories. First there was the 'jaffa cake', now comes his own version of a sweet shop classic, a Bounty bar.
by Martin Christy

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Theo Chocolate – Dominican Republic 84%

The Dominican Republic is particularly well-known for producing organic chocolate, often with spectacular results, (e.g. Domori’s old Chacao, or more recently Sainsbury’s Organic 70%), but with the occasional specta...
by Alex Rast