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An evening with Maricel Presilla

A Chocolate Week special tasting with Maricel Presilla, author of ‘The New Taste of Chocolate’ and Award-winning Cuban-American chef.

Martin Christy ready to taste a 70% chocolate bar

The passion behind Seventy%

Martin Christy, Sevent%’s editor and founder, is one of the world’s leading bean-to-bar chocolate experts. Ten years ago Martin founded the one of the first websites to specialise in fine chocolate. Now he tells the story of how and why to Susana Cárdenas Overstall.

William Curley bounty bar

William Curley vs your local sweet shop – Bounty bar smackdown

William has come over all Curley Wurley – he’s on a mission to recreate the contents of your childhood sweet shop memories.

First there was the ‘jaffa cake’, now comes his own version of a sweet shop classic, a Bounty bar.


Damian Allsop ‘The Pure Collection’

A new ‘pure’ collection from master of the water-based ganache – London chocolatier Damian Allsop.

Featuring only country and plantation origin chocolate from Valrhona, taking chocolate appreciation to another level.

Latest reviews

  1. The Chocolate Tree – Madagascar Raw 70% Alex Rast, 15 Jun 2013
  2. The Chocolate Tree – Ecuador 82% Alex Rast, 14 Dec 2012
  3. Friis-Holm – Chuno Double Turned Alex Rast, 3 Dec 2012
  4. Friis-Holm – Chuno Triple Turned Alex Rast, 18 Nov 2012
  5. Chapon – Chuao Alex Rast, 18 Nov 2012

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Pralus – Tobago Estate Chocolate W. I.

Pralus’ second experiment with a single-plantation chocolate (the first being the Claudio Corallo bar, which might not be called a “pure” or at least not a “classic” chocolate bar), at least if one...
by Alex Rast

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Divine Chocolate – 85%

One of the most visible Fair Trade companies in the UK comes out with an ultra-percentage chocolate. Whether this is a wise thing to do with a source such as Ghana, which typically does not fare well at high percentages, is que...
by Alex Rast

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Madécasse – 80% Cocoa

Here is another business model along “fair trade” lines, but with the additional benefit of processing locally as well as sourcing responsibly. As always, there are concerns over production quality: can a country wi...
by Alex Rast


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Willie’s Delectable Cacao – Indonesian 69 – Review

Light coloured as you expect from Indonesian cacao, though nothing nearly as ‘milky’ as something like Domori’s Javablonde’ achieves. Willie’s style is thick and rustic, giving us more of a thick ...
by Martin Christy

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Willie’s Delectable Cacao – Indonesian 69

Perhaps the most exotic of Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s eating bar range, and furthest from his original Venezuelan roots. ‘Indonesian 69′ turns out to be one of the most successful of his bars though, providing in...
by Martin Christy